Turkey Pretzels
  • For each turkey pretzel:
  • 1 pretzel rod
  • 1 striped shortbread keebler cookie
  • 2 edible candy eyes
  • small piece of a twizzler for wattle
  • ½ orange skittle
  • 8 candy corns
  • melted chocolate (Use melting disks from chocolate store or craft store)
  1. Line a baking sheet with wax paper.
  2. Dip pretzel rods in melted chocolate and set in fridge until solid, just 3-4 mins.
  3. Spread melted chocolate on the chocolate side of the cookie.
  4. Immediately lay the rod on top of the cookie and then place the candy corns all around the cookie.
  5. Use a toothpick and dip it in chocolate to apply the the eyes, beak and wattle.
Recipe by Hugs and Cookies XOXO at https://hugsandcookiesxoxo.com/turkey-pretzels-2/