Banana Split Brownie Ice Box Cake

What could be more fun than receiving scrumptious brownies in the mail from Fairytale brownies and being asked to turn them into a fabulous creation!!!! This was right up my alley.  For this Banana Split Brownie Ice Box Creation I used their cream cheese brownies!  Sinful, I tell you!  You can visit their site here –> FAIRYTALE BROWNIES.  You can also like them on Facebook here –> FACEBOOK.  I made 2 layers of the brownies and stuffed them with this fabulous vanilla pastry cream.  I topped it all off with some whipped cream, banana slice, hot fudge, walnuts and of course, cherries!!!  Make this for your next party and you’ll be a hit!!!

brownie ice box
banana split brownie ice box cake

banana split brownie ice box cakebanana split brownie ice box cakebanana-split-brownie-ice-box-cake banana split brownie ice box cake banana split brownie ice box cake   banana split brownie ice box cake

Get an 8×8 Pan Here!

Banana Split Brownie Ice Box Cake Recipe:


10 Cream Cheese Fairytale Brownies

1 container Cool Whip

1 jar hot fudge

small bag of walnuts

1 jar maraschino cherries

2 bananas, sliced


Beat all together until creamy and thick!


Lay 5 brownies in an 8×8 pan. (Cut last brownie to fill in sides.)  Spread all of the cream on top.  Add another layer of brownies.  Spread or pipe on the whipped cream.  Top with banana slices, hot fudge, walnuts and cherries!

My Banana split ice box inspiration came from my friend Holly at Spend With Pennies! xo

Brownies provided by Fairytale Brownies.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.



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  1. Mary Rowe says

    What in your opinion, would be the best brownie to make yourself? If you cannot afford the Fairytale brownie. Thanks!

  2. Michelle Smith says

    Do you have to serve it right away? It seems like it would be something you would eat immediatly or do you freeze it? I have never made an icebox cake

    • Tammy says

      I’m going to make this for easter and have to travel 2 hrs to get to where i’m going. I think if i just put the brownie layers and filling layer together and put in fridge over nite and just wait till i get there to put the whip cream, bananas, hot fudge, walnuts n cherries on it. That it would work out great.

  3. VickiT says

    This looks really great, but I do have a few questions I need to have clarified. I was going to make this tomorrow morning for supper tomorrow night but some instructions are confusing a little.

    The 2nd line under the Assembly section says “Spread all of the cream on top” I’m guessing this is what you have called the “Filling”, is that correct?

    Then the next to last line in the Assembly section says to ‘Spread or pipe on the whipped cream”. You’ve used the whipped cream (heavy cream) already to prepare the Filling. Are you using the Cool Whip on the top or did you use that in the Filling but not change the recipe to show this? I’m just double checking because without being stabilized Cool Whip generally doesn’t pipe very well but the whipped cream, of course does.

    Also, you have listed an entire jar of hot fudge. Have you used part of that in the layering process? It doesn’t appear that the entire jar was used in the drizzled chocolate on top.

    Thank you for the help.

    • danielle says

      The filling is the cream. You use the cool whip at the end to pipe. The hot fudge goes on top so use as much or as little as you like.

  4. Kathy C says

    can this recipe be doubled and put into a 9×13 pan? I want to make this for a church pot luck and can it be made a day ahead?

  5. Wes says

    Do a Google search for “cream cheese brownies” – I made them and they’re awesome! Looks a lot like the “fairy tale” ones.


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