Secret to Extra Crispy Pan Fried Food

cauliflower flounder-gluten-free flounderThe secret to extra crispy pan fried flounder or chicken is using Aleia’s gluten free breadcrumbs.  Heat avocado oil or olive oil in a skillet until hot. Coat flounder in egg and breadcrumbs and add to the hot oil.  Brown on both sides!  YUM! I also use these breadcrumbs to make roasted cauliflower! They add the perfect amount of crispiness!

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  1. Nancy Lasker says

    My Mom always taught us..”wet, dry, wet and dry.” Dip meat or fish into EGG/MIlk..then into seasoned flour and then back into the egg/milk and into the bread crumbs and they stick best if you let them sit for 15 mins. or so before dropping them into the oil. I also make BEER BATTER fish fry…Mix flour or pancake mix and beer to a little more than pancake consistency..dip in batter and drop into hot oil…enjoy.

  2. says

    I have found that gluten free bread crumbs on our freshly caught flounder actually taste better. I add touch of oregano to the bread crumbs then top off the fish with a slice of lemon – yum!


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