Boston Cream Pie Donuts

Love Boston Cream Pie?  This was a FUN treat to make!!!  Using Pillsbury Grands allows you to eat mock donuts in just minutes.  All of the flavor with none of the fuss you get from homemade dough!  Use the grands to make any donuts you like.  You can fill them with jelly or even nutella! Mmmmmmm!  What will you fill your donuts with? Would also be yummy to skip the chocolate and roll them in cinnamon and sugar! Enjoy these Boston Cream Donuts!

bostin-cream-pie boston-cream-donuts boston-cream Boston Cream Pie Donuts

1 can Pillsbury Grands biscuits
1 box vanilla pudding, prepared according to directions (OR USE THIS FABULOUS FILLING!!)
4 Ounces dark chocolate, meltedOil for frying

Heat oil in deep pot until hot. Use a few inches for frying.  I added each Grand one at a time and fried until golden on both sides  Remove to paper towels to drain excess oil.  Place pudding into a piping bag.  Using a knife, cut a small hole in the side of the donut and pipe in your pudding.  Spoon melted chocolate over the tops and serve!



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If you’re using a piping bag and tip, I suggest not slicing the side of the donut. Instead just insert the tip into the side of the donut and pipe until you feel the inside plump up. I’ve made many donuts and then you won’t have in filling squish out the cut hole.