Snickers Caramel Peanut Butter Brownies


This bar pretty much has everything you can dream of. From peanut butter chip and Snickers to caramel and a huge ooey gooey factor. Keeping them chilled at all times will help them cut better and stay neater. But hey, it’s summer so grab some napkins and dig in. Feel free to use white chocolate […]

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Cherry Chocolate Chip Brownies


These cherry chocolate chip brownies are fabulous. Yes, the frosting using a lot of butter but it makes a huge pan of treats and it is afterall, butter cream frosting! A small square goes a long way on these rich treats. I used a dab of pink food coloring to make these vibrant. Totally optional […]

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Chicken Pot Pie Filling

pot pie

This pot pie filling is as good as it gets! Rich, creamy and packed with chicken and veggies. Bake it in any crust you like! Make Filling: 1.  Steam 4 carrots and chop. 2.  Roast fresh corn if desired and get 1/2 cup peas ready. 3. Grill 1 pound chicken cutlets in a grill pan […]

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Chocolate Raspberry Cronut French Toast


Crescent + Donut= Cronut!  No homemade dough here, just a quick delicious breakfast your family will love.  This was quite scrumptious and an indulgent treat.  Be creative with your fillings, too!   Adapted from Yumology 1 tube of Pillsbury crescent roll dough canola oil 4 tbsp of raspberry jelly (or peanut butter, or nutella, etc) […]

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Bread Cones Stuffed With Meatballs & Cheese


FUN BREAD CONES Anything eaten with your hands is naturally more fun, right?  Well, how about meatballs served in a cone made out of bread!!  Flaky, delicious bread, that is!  For my bread cones, I used Pillsbury Crescent rolls for this.  Each can made about 4 “cones.”  I used ice cream cones as my molds […]

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Boston Cream Pie Donuts


Love Boston Cream Pie?  This was a FUN treat to make!!!  Using Pillsbury Grands allows you to eat mock donuts in just minutes.  All of the flavor with none of the fuss you get from homemade dough!  Use the grands to make any donuts you like.  You can fill them with jelly or even nutella! […]

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Outrageous Meatball Parm


If you love meatballs, then you need to make this. Like now! Such an easy dish yet so outrageously packed with flavor. Even my oldest son ate this and that speaks volumes! I melted freshly grated parmigiano-reggiano on top but you can use any shredded cheese you like. I used my rockcrok pot from Pampered […]

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Oreo, Vanilla Pudding & Chocolate Chip Bars


If you are an Oreo fan, then this recipe is for you…and me….and everyone we know! Such a scrumptious treat. The pudding mix makes these extra soft. You are not preparing the pudding, just adding the dry mix into your cookie batter. This cookie is loaded with Oreos, milk chocolate chip and white chocolate chips. […]

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