Snickerdoodle Heath Bar Caramel Cheesecake

snickerdoodle caramel

Yes, you read that right! A simple and rich cheesecake is transformed into a cinnamon sugar wonderland!  This cheesecake gets topped with snickerdoodle blondies cut into cubes, a hefty sprinkle of heath bar pieces and a huge drizzle of caramel sauce.  Bring it on! Below, is the recipe for the cheesecake followed by the snickerdoodle […]

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Turkey Cupcakes


Gobble, gobble! There is still time to make these little turkeys for your kiddies! Bake up some chocolate cupcakes and frost them. For the turkey heads, I used one mini tootsie roll flattened into the head shape and inserted 1/2 a pretzel stick in the bottom.  This pretzel gets pushed into the cupcake.  I used […]

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Yippee Skippy Fluffernutter Oreo Bars

peanut butter fluff bars

I am fortunate because every so often I get the opportunity to partner up and work with Skippy. I know when we all hear SKIPPY, we can’t help but yell YIPPPEEEE!!!! Not only did I create a fabulous recipe below for you that uses Skippy Peanut Butter…..BUT, you have a chance to enter Skippy’s holiday […]

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Caramel & Chocolate Lasagna

chocolate lasagna

Print Caramel & Chocolate Lasagna   Ingredients 18 Oreos 3 Tablespoons melted butter 4 ounces softened cream cheese 2 T. sugar 1 Tablespoon milk 6 ounces Cool Whip, divided 1– 3.9 ounce packages Chocolate Instant Pudding 1½ cups plus 2T. cold milk ¾ cups mini chocolate chips caramel sauce chocolate sauce Instructions Pulse oreos in […]

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Almond Praline Brittle Bark

praline bark

You are all going to want to thank my mom for this recipe. It is one of the most delicious cookies I have ever eaten. It is crazy addicting so be prepared to share it or you’ll eat the whole batch. You’ve been warned!!! Print Almond Praline Brittle Bark   Ingredients 4 ounces butter 1 […]

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6 Layer Cookie Dough Bars

butterfigers bars

Want a bar that will make people smile? This is it! Be sure to keep them cold before serving or the layers can tend to ooze a bit.  Also, use fluff and not marshmallow cream so they will set up properly!   Print Butterfinger Cookie Dough Bars   Ingredients Bottom Layer 1¼ cups milk chocolate […]

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Fried Rice With Scallops and Salmon


This is a perfect dinner and very healthy. Salmon, sea scallops, broccoli, brown rice turned into fried rice….perfection on a plate!  Below is the “how-to” for making this. It is simple and you can make any adjustments you like.  The fried rice alone makes a wonderful side dish..just like the rice you find in hibachi […]

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Sour Cream Coffee Cake

sou cream coffee cake

Need a yummy  Sunday morning coffee cake to go with your coffee? This is the one! The addition of sour cream makes it extra tender and the crunchy topping is scrumptious!  Add a nice dusting of powdered sugar and your buttery cake will be dressed up for a brunch! Print Sour Cream Coffee Cake   […]

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